Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you for the kind words!

We’d like to take a moment to express our appreciation for our patients who have given us such incredible praise. The passion for spine care demonstrated by Dr. Marano and his staff comes from a deep dedication to restoring the well-being that spine problems frequently hamper. It’s warming to hear when our goals are met!

Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received from our patients:

“Dr. Marano and James both spoke to me in a way that allowed me to understand what was going on in layman’s terms. Both were very patient with my many questions.”

“All staff members were great, professional, courteous and thoughtful during a difficult time.”

“As with my first visit 12 years ago, I’m satisfied – Dr. Marano took the time to see what and where my problems were coming from”

“I was very pleased to get an appointment the day after I called. I’m glad I met the whole team — they put me at ease with my medical issues and explained things in a context that I could easily understand”

“Everyone I worked with gave me the time that I needed to get things figured out. I felt Dr. Marano really cared about what would be best for me and he made sure that all the questions I had were answered thoroughly.”

We strive to give our patients the best spine care available, which goes far beyond simply performing a procedure correctly. That’s just the bare minimum for acceptable care. An excellent patient experience means having the right team who cares about patients as individuals and will comfortably guide them through their treatment plan. We at Spine Surgery of Idaho work tirelessly to give that experience to our patients, and we truly thank them for their appreciation.

If you’re in need of excellent spine care, make an appointment with Spine Surgery of Idaho by calling (208)-944-0056. We’ll give you a full assessment of your condition and offer you guidance through your entire experience.