Satisfied spine patients share their stories

Dr. Stephen R. Marano wants you to experience a renewed quality of life – by minimizing your spine-related pain and hampered mobility. He will take the time to get to know you and to thoroughly understand your concerns and goals so he can develop a customized spinal treatment plan designed just for you.

Here is what some of Dr. Marano’s patients have to say about their experience with him.

Written patient reactions to spine treatment

christyChristy C. – Christy was in an accident while attending to a cow that was giving birth. Christy was trying to tag the calf when the mama cow attacked her. The attack resulted in an extrusion of her L4-L5 disc, which produced horrible leg pain and foot drop. “I have a really high pain tolerance and was in denial that I needed to get help. It got so bad, though, that I couldn’t sleep or ride in a vehicle. All I could do was stand.”

Christy, who works in the Emergency Department of a local hospital, asked one of the emergency doctors who she should go see about her pain.  “He said, ‘Dr. Marano. He is the best.’”

“I called him, got in that day, and two days later had my surgery. I haven’t had any problems since. I felt better immediately after surgery. I would strongly recommend Dr. Marano and his staff. They were all super helpful. I can’t say enough great things about my experience.”

garyGary Y. – Gary went to see Dr. Marano after a failed fusion surgery. Another surgeon had fused him in 2008. “It was a horrible experience. I was in an unbelievable amount of pain from it. The initial surgeon wrote me off and sent me to a pain specialist. I then decided to go to Dr. Marano. After a spinal cord stimulator didn’t help, Dr. Marano recommended taking out the original hardware. I was extremely reluctant but Dr. Marano reassured me. He discovered that the original surgery had never taken. The first time I got out of bed after Dr. Marano’s surgery, I felt 70% normal. I finally felt connected again. Previously, just walking around, I didn’t feel normal. After two weeks, I was totally off all the pain medicines I had been relying on for five years. I had a functional capacity test six months after my surgery, and it showed that my back was stronger than a 40-year-old man who has never had back surgery. It’s been almost a year since my surgery, and I have zero back pain. Dr. Marano gave me my life back. I am a welder and do construction work, too. I also ride horses. I am now 100%. Dr. Marano is an awesome surgeon. He’s a hero to me.”

Kim H. – Kim went to Dr. Marano with back pain. She had seen a couple other doctors already. “When I met with Dr. Marano, he did some test that none of the other doctors did. He was very thorough. He thought something was seriously wrong with my neck, even though I told him that it wasn’t my neck I was having trouble with, it was my back. He said I needed an MRI. The MRI revealed that two discs in my neck were almost severing my spinal cord. If I had fallen in a certain way, I could have been paralyzed. None of the other doctors even thought to test me. Dr. Marano found out what was really wrong. He fixed my neck by putting a plate in it and also took bone off my hip. I was just amazed. Two and a half weeks later, he scheduled my back surgery to correct my scoliosis, stenosis and degeneration from my L1 to my sacrum. I think he’s the greatest doctor. I am amazed, just amazed. When I was in the hospital, he showed up every day. He took care of me. I am just so thankful I found him. I really believe God sent me to Dr. Marano. He saved me from being in a wheelchair.”

KathleenKathleen J. – Kathleen had been suffering from headaches, dizziness and a lot of pain in her neck for years. She had X-rays taken with other doctors in 2001 and 2011 but no treatments, other than going to physical therapy a few times. “I just thought I had to live with the pain.” Then, her neighbor went to Dr. Marano for similar pain. After seeing her neighbor bounce back quickly, Kathleen decided to contact Dr. Marano. “He was very thorough. He had me do an MRI that revealed lots of spurs.” Kathleen’s relief following surgery was almost instant. “I don’t have the headaches, dizziness and pain anymore. I’m getting good movement. If someone wants the best, go see Dr. Marano. He’s just wonderful.”

Virginia L. – Virginia, now 78, had struggled with back issues for almost her entire life. It all began when she was two years old and fell out of a car traveling 45 mph. Two years later, she fell off a horse onto a rock. She spent most of her life farming, and even helped her husband build a log home, including cutting down the trees, loading them, logging them and building the house. Seven years ago, the lifetime of stress on her back caught up with her. She broke her back. Dr. Marano spent more than eight hours in surgery, working to fuse her spine back together. “He was an answer to a prayer,” Virginia said. Since her initial surgery with Dr. Marano, Virginia has gone back for two more procedures. “I have highly recommended him to several people. I have no troubles,” she said. “Dr. Marano is very intelligent, thorough, caring and gentle.”

tammyTamara B. – Tamara’s first experience with Dr. Marano occurred at 3 a.m. on February, 25, 2007, when he performed emergency brain surgery to save her life. Tamara had passed out from a medication and fell down a flight of stairs. “He was tremendous,” she said.  When she later began experiencing migraine headaches, she again turned to Dr. Marano for help. He suggested a conservative care approach, using physical therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture. “He’s incredible,” Tamara said. “Another neurosurgeon would have done neck surgery when it wasn’t needed.”

Video testimonials from satisfied spine patients

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