Do You Need Revision Surgery?

Do You Need Revision Surgery?

You did it. You had spine surgery. And now, months or years after you were supposed to have recovered, you’re still experiencing back pain. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of spinal work, operations don’t always solve the problems they’re meant to address.

A common misconception is that your pain must be persisting because the surgeon did a subpar job. This is often not the case! While surgical errors and failures are certainly within the realm of possibility, it’s more likely your spine simply didn’t heal correctly. And even after a successful surgery, age and activity can deteriorate your spine over time. Due to these potential troublemakers, spinal revision surgery is an unfortunately common necessity.

Signs that you may need revision surgery

Here are some indicators that you should seek a revision surgery consultation:

  • Persistent pain or discomfort
  • Noticeable deformity
  • Trouble performing every day activities
  • Loss of balance

Know the facts and discuss every detail

Revision surgery is another chance at correcting your spine problems and living life without back pain. Revision surgeries are often more complex than initial surgeries because the surgical situation becomes more individualized — everyone’s surgery will progress (or regress) in different ways over time. It’s important to have an in-depth conversation with your spine surgeon so none of your questions go unanswered and, should you decide to undergo revision surgery, so she has a complete understanding of the task before her.

Making the right decision

Considering the variables involved with spinal revision surgery, only you and your doctor can make any sort of definitive call on what’s right for you. However, if you’re living a life of discomfort, putting yourself in a position to make that call is something you owe to your own well-being.

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