Surprising Reasons You’re in Pain

Surprising Reasons You’re in Pain

Are you suffering from back pain and aren’t really sure why? There’s actually a long list of potential reasons you’re in pain, and it may surprise you. Back pain can prevent you from doing the things you love, but you can also prevent it. Here are a few surprising possible reasons for your pain.


Many smokers don’t realize it, but smoking can have significant effects on your back. Studies have revealed that smokers have a decreased blood supply to the discs in the back. This leads  to premature aging of the discs, which can lead to pain in the lower back. Another study has shown that smoking can affect the brain’s response to back pain, making it feel worse.


Stress can cause the muscles in your back to constrict and cause the discs to bulge, which often leads to pain. This can lower your pain tolerance and stiffen your back. Try to manage your stress with deep breathing, meditation, and exercise.

Poor diet

Not only can a poor diet cause weight gain and place extra pressure on your back, but consuming high levels of processed sugars can make your pain worse. They can spike inflammation in the body and cause more pain.


Sitting for long periods of time can put extra pressure on the discs in your back, due to compromised blood supply to the discs. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, consider using a standing desk to alleviate some pressure on the back, or take breaks every hour to stretch and walk.

Your mattress

It may be that your mattress isn’t firm enough, or it’s simply too old and no longer supporting your back and body as it should. Be sure your mattress is in fairly good shape, and replace it every seven years.

Lack of exercise

Being too sedentary can lead to weight gain and back pain. Exercise can help build muscle tone to give your back the support it needs to keep your muscles and ligaments in place. Keeping your back tight and strong with exercise will help you avoid back pain.

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