Your treatment experience – What to expect

Dr. Stephen Marano wants you to be totally at ease with your treatment experience. He has found that creating this level of comfort begins by giving you a general idea of how things work.

“Dr. Marano and James both spoke to me in a way that allowed me to understand what was going on in layman’s terms. Both were very patient with my many questions.”

Thorough diagnostic consultation to identify spine issues

After you contact the Spine Surgery of Idaho office, a team member will schedule an initial appointment.

During your initial visit with Spine Surgery of Idaho, either Dr. Marano or James, the PA, will:

  • Obtain the history of your current spine problem and how it developed.
  • Consider any previous treatments you have had performed.
  • Review other medical conditions that need to be considered.
  • Perform a thorough physical examination.

Each new patient’s radiographic studies and diagnosis will then be discussed with Dr. Marano.

Advanced treatment options to provide pain relief

Depending on what Dr. Marano discovers during the evaluation process, he may recommend one or more advanced diagnostic tests to assist him in accurately assessing your problem.

Once Dr. Marano has analyzed all diagnostic information, he will develop a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

Dr. Marano performs surgery and sees patients at four hospitals in the Eastern Idaho region:

If you have a preference, please let Dr. Marano know during your office visit.

Helping you through the insurance process

Navigating the rules and regulations of the current insurance industry can be difficult and overwhelming on your own. Dr. Marano’s staff works with these insurance companies daily and can guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure you receive the maximum coverage your plan allows.


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