The Benefits of Physical Therapy and Massage

Back pain can impact many aspects of your life, making everyday activities difficult to manage. People experience both physical and emotional symptoms when living with back pain. Emotionally you may feel anger, depression, anxiety or a loss of desire to do things you previously enjoyed. Physically, back pain can cause you to tire easily. You may have difficulty concentrating or completing common tasks.

The caring team at Spine Surgery of Idaho understands the emotional and physical toll caused by back pain. We provide a comprehensive treatment approach  customized to your specific needs. We focus on finding noninvasive or minimally invasive solutions to relieve your pain. Physical therapy and massage are treatment options that can provide many benefits when incorporated into an overall plan of care.

Physical therapy is often prescribed when back pain makes moving difficult. The goal of physical therapy is to restore function, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and coordination, and to decrease pain: to get you back to your normal level of activity. Physical therapy techniques may include the application of cold or heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, stretching and the introduction of a specialized exercise program.

Massage therapy is also used to manage back pain that is limiting your ability to perform daily activities. Massage is a treatment done with the hands or a vibrating instrument to help relax muscles, relieve pain and increase flexibility and movement. Massage involves the rubbing, pressing and general manipulation of the muscle or soft tissue. There are many different types of massage (Swedish, deep tissue, sports) and the correct massage for you will depend on your specific back care needs.

Physical therapy and massage are noninvasive techniques that can provide excellent results with minimal downtime. Benefits may include:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Increased flexibility and function
  • Symptom relief
  • Cost-effective treatment option
  • May eliminate the need for prescription medications or surgery
  • Provides the patient the chance to participate in their treatment

If you or a family member is experiencing back pain, Dr. Stephen Marano and the team at Spine Surgery of Idaho can help. We have extensive experience diagnosing and treating back- and spine-related problems. Call (208) 522-6930 to schedule a personalized consult.